The two types of honor

In my opinion there are two types of honor. One type of honor is personal honor. When a person wants to defend their reputation and wants to live by their personal goals and morales, not necessarily by the standards of society, he/she is defending their personal honor. Two characters in El Quijote that show this drive to preserve their personal honor are Don Quixote and Marcela. Although Don Quixote is crazy and his actions are unreasonable, he always works to preserve his morals. For example, Don Quixote asks a inn-keeper to make him a knight with a special ceremony. The ceremony isn’t official and Don Quixote would have gone on his adventures without one, but he feels that he is conserving his personal honor if he is an official knight. In addition, Marcela defends her personal honor when she goes to the shepherd’s funeral in order to say that it is not her fault that she wants to live without marriage and that the shepherd killed himself because he wanted to have her love. Marcela wants to protect herself and live by her personal values.

Another type of honor is that the honor that society promotes. For example, in the quadrangle of love, Dorotea is pressured to remain with don Fernando in order to preserve her honor. If she doesn’t go back to him she will lose her honor in society because in time period if a woman is “impure” like Dorotea, she doesn’t have any worth. This type of honor is different than personal honor because personal honor is based of one’s morals while the other type of honor is based on the expectations of society.

I believe that the most powerful type of honor is personal honor. If you only live to please the expectations of society, she won’t ever feel happy. If Dorotea had another option and if she didn’t go with don Fernando after he assaulted her, she would have preserved her personal honor and felt happier in the long term. Defending your personal honor is something we all can do a bit more of.

Our society constantly tries to confine us in boxes of generalizations and stereotypes. In order to defy these boundaries, we need to show that we are all different and unique and that these traits are what make us amazing. In the photo I chose, women are marching to show that they are above the stereotype and prejudices that are forced on them. In our society, women still don’t have many of the same rights as men and are still generalized as being the weaker sex. They are defending their personal honor and by doing so, they are opening up the mindsets of other people.

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