Don Quijote Is Not Crazy

Sanity is a very influential theme in Don Quixote. The author, Cervantes, says Don Quixote’s brain dried from reading books and that he lost his mind. I think that sanity is not directly related with the mind and has more to do with this person’s happiness. Life is crazy, but in my opinion, it is what a person does when life is hectic that makes us sane. Don Quixote is in many situations that they are not sane. This is because his mind is making these situations as a test for Don Quixote, «Don Quixote, who saw the strange costumes of the Flagellants, without passing it by memory the many times that he should have seen them, imagined that it was another adventure, and that he alone had to undertake it» (De, Cervantes 158). His reactions are very sane in the context of each situation in his mind, but in the mind of the reader, Don Quixote has lost mind. According to me, Don Quixote has his sanity because he reacts appropriately to these false scenarios. For example, at the end of the book he sees a woman who needs help, and he reacts appropriately and quickly as if this situation is true. I don’t think that Don Quixote is crazy. I think that it is a type of mental disorder because he believes that he is a gentleman. This is not a sign of madness, but it is very influential to his actions. For me, sanity is the calm before the storm. Sanity is the breath of a person when life is crazy. Sanity is when a person finds happiness during a very stressful time. Sanity is doing what makes you happy, despite what other people think. Finally, sanity is how a person reacts to a difficult situation. My photo represents sanity as the calm before the storm, and as a place of happiness.

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