Why or Why Not Read?

We should read to imagine and obtain knowledge, but we shouldn’t read books or articles if we aren’t going to analyze and create an opinion about the topics discussed in the reading material. In Don Quijote, written by Cervantes, Don Quijote reads books and afterwards becomes crazy. When Don Quijote reads the books he wanted to pursue the things in the book that he read about. He wanted to know more about and live the life of the people in these fantastic books. That’s not intelligent. The author is playing with the consequences of what happens when we do not think about what we’re reading. Knowledge is power- but too much power can lead ta  loss of self control. If one reads too much about an irrelevant or false topic, they will believe it, and they can begin to live in a lie.

We should not believe that everything on the internet is truthful. We can not include or incorporate false news that we hear into our lives. We should read to have a better view of ourselves and the world; but because a lot of the information through media today is false, we need to be able to distinguish between fake and real information. When we read too much about fake things, we begin to give them importance and treat them as if they were real. It is very important that we understand the information and the books which we read.

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