I believe in the Right to Equality

I firmly believe that only when the world recognizes that social hierarchies crafted on the basis of race, ethnicity, and history of poverty are dismantled, and recognized to be arbitrary social constructions, will peace ensue. We allow members of society to be sentenced into lives of degraded status, devoid of opportunity, because they hail from generations of poverty or because they originate from lineages that are deemed to be of lesser importance than others; we justify denying them aid and support, and isolate them. There is essentially no reason to establish and celebrate a divide when we all are derived from the same human race- celebrate individuality, quality of character and contributions to society- celebrate heritage and culture but do not become exclusive or pompous in declarations that certain factions have superiority; do not let the lens of one factor of persona cloud the image beneath. Do not stigmatize masses of people or subject them to degradation to satisfy selfish motives. Everyone deserves an opportunity to develop to their full potential, to obtain an education and the independence it guarantees, and to have the sense of security that comes with knowing one’s basic needs are being fulfilled.

Literacy and global health initiatives allow for the internal development of nations, better international relations and a feeling of hope and inclusion, which prevents internal conflict and assures greater quality of life. As a global network, we must form a united front, instead of dividing among ourselves and perpetuating marginalizing atmospheres within our spheres of influence. To give equality to all sects of society, we must generate hope in dark situations and facilitate access to equal opportunities. With respect to education, we must emphasize practicing empathy and cultural appreciation. We must have dynamic and democratic conversations on how best to tackle the situation at hand, a situation that leaves so many behind as society progresses, due to factors beyond their control. We must begin to consider deeply, the talents and personages that traditionally underrepresented and marginalized groups represent- by deeming them incapable of making valuable contributions, we limit our collective progress. Judgement should be limited to content of character, especially given the idea that biologically, the idea of establishing races is illusory given the lack of evidence to promote greater difference between gene pools than exists within them. By promoting divisive dialogues, we encourage moods of discontent and despair, which leads to violence. By harnessing the talents of the entire population and encouraging communication and appreciation, security will be improved and sectarian conflict and power struggles diminished. Humanity needs to cease using divisive ideological warfare if it wants to progress and flourish.We cannot continue to oppress our own, or establish social hierarchies at the expense of others. It is critical that change begin with self and subsequent advocation- to change the system, one needs self reflection, courage and persistence. Most importantly, one must be enraged that a title can strip a person of all the good in them without question, and assert that. I believe in equality.

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