«This I Believe»

I believe that compassion and altruism are the most important thing in a person’s life. To be fulfilled, to contribute to the world in a good way, and to build balanced relationships, these qualities are necessary. When we are kind to the people in our lives, we make the world a better place, Similarly, when we are kind to our environment and consider the consequences of our choices on the natural world, we contribute to a planet and society that is safer and more considerate.  Being altruistic to our environment shows that we care about the future of the human race, and all of the animals and plants that live in our world. To shows that we care for our children, we need to care for our environment because we are responsible for building and caring for their homes.  We are making the world in which they, and their children, will live. They depend on us to keep them safe and make a home for them in the world. To do this, we must love our world too, and we have a responsibility to do this. our planet is the home of all people, animals, and plants, and we all deserve a beautiful and safe home.

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