A Letter to MaryAnn K. Cusimano

Dear MaryAnn K. Cusimano,

I have read many books, from the time when I was small to present day. Although I have loved the majority of the books that I’ve read, I found the task of choosing a book of special meaning to be difficult. In general, I believe that books have molded my character, but I can’t think of a book in particular that has made more of an impact than others. For me, books have given me advice in certain situations, adventure, and a form of escape, but all of those things are temporary and deal with fantasy or the present. Because of that, I think that for a book to have an important impact, that book needs to make a difference in the present and future equally.

The book that I thought of was You Are My I Love You. We have had a copy of this book in my house for a long time, and my mom always speaks highly of this book and its meaning. Recently, my mom bought a copy of this book for a family friend. The granddaughter of this friend had just been born, and my mother that the book could be a gift. When my mom gave the book to our family friend, the friend began to cry out of happiness, and that memory has stayed with me. Later, I read the book, and I got a little bit emotional because You Are My I Love You makes me think about the future. I want a relationship like the relationship between the mother and child bear with my future son or daughter. While the future in uncertain and, at times, a bit scary, I know that I want to have that relationship and to be able to read that book to my future son and/or daughter.


Katie Fritz


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