I Believe in the Complexity and Diversity in Humanity

I believe in the complexity of humanity and that sometimes our inexplicable complexity is what gives us value and purpose as a society. The acceptable norm in society is to be on one side or another of an argument; that situations are either in white or black. This rule applies to the act of labeling and the concept of identity. Our society is constantly looped in a paradox of wanting to destroy the practice of labeling and wanting to practice and preserve individualism. Humans want to relate between them and unite in union, but they also want to distinguish themselves from the crowd and be considered for their differences.

All my life I have forced to adapt and thus have directed all my energy towards that goal, but specific moments such as filling out university applications call me to do the opposite and go against my intuition: stand out and own up my individuality. It’s a frustrating battle for one to go through, and it’s frustrating that others don’t see it as a battle. For some people, it is a situation in black or white. You either adapt or not. By adapting, you supposedly lose your individuality yet gain social acceptance. In a vice versa scenario, accepting your individuality ensues opposition from other people, which is manifested through threats, loneliness and pain. People are under the notion that differences threaten union, and therefore should be perceived as a threat when in reality, the truth lies in the opposite argument.

Logically, these two concepts- diversity and union- are the exact opposite, but the beauty of our world lies in the fact that it is not dictated by logic. Humanity is a complex entity because it makes possible the seemingly impossible: our differences strengthen us as a community. Each human has lived a different life from others; everyone has a story to tell. Our differences in our perceptions and values ​​push us towards evolving into a stronger society as we are exposed to beliefs different from our own and through coalition, we find new ways to solve problems and meet the needs of society.

In the U.S. now, people are threatened by others embracing their respective cultures. The latter is told that they must assimilate into the mainstream culture, but they forget that the United States was and still is primarily a ‘melting pot’ of cultures. They forget that this land was made for people who sought freedom, people who dared to be different and wanted to pursue what made them different. Allowing people from all walks of life and corners of the planet to flourish here is what gives America its uniqueness, attractiveness and edge. This country is a microcosm of the world, a place where differences can flourish, and attests to the strength of cooperation between differences.

I believe in the complexity of our world. I believe in our diversity.

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