Letter To Malala (English)

Dear Malala Yousafzai,


It wasn’t until recently that I discovered the power of the written and spoken word. We live in a world shrouded by uncertainty; uncertain of what tomorrow’s struggles may be or how the rhetoric of a world leader will impact our day to day lives. Your book has opened my eyes as to how the voice of one individual can bring so much change and beauty into our world, how speech and the human tongue and be a work of art and a tool for destruction.


It is in my opinion that in today’s world and political climate, many people are afraid to speak out, which is a form of oppression in and of itself. You overcame so many obstacles in order to raise your voice and bring to light an issue which people living thousands of kilometers away may have never realized was happening. You are an inspiration to countless numbers of young girls, including myself, who now feel that women have the power to make change and to better the lives of the oppressed across the globe.


Everyday, all over the world, in every culture, language, and country, there are young girls being told that they will never be as strong, or powerful, or important as the boys they grew up alongside with. Those impressionable girls have been forced into the mindset that they simply play a domestic role in life and have no greater purpose. It is young women like you that break the chains of societal roles and escape the patriarchal prison that is modern governance. You have taught young girls that our voices do matter. Our words are worth listening to. We have much to say and we will not be trampled by what an oppressive society expects of us.


I thank you for all that you have done for the educational rights of girls everywhere. Your words have had a profound effect on me, as I am sure they have to people of every culture and nationality. You are the amplifier for the thoughts of the oppressed and there will be no silence.




Alexandra Bourke

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