I Believe in the Power of the Invisible

Lights Light House Point Park New Haven CTLight House Point Park New Haven CTCan you see what I seeI believe in the invisible.  That is, I believe in the extraordinary power of the invisible.

At the end of November 2017, I asked my students to write their own blog entries based on the essays “This I Believe” (https://thisibelieve.org/themes/).  Normally, I write when they write, but the fall of 2017, and the beginning of the winter of 2017, presented me with too many obstacles to write.  Due to this, I suffered.  Moreover, I didn’t want to write anything trite or cliché, but, at the same time, I knew that I was not only suffering because I couldn’t write, but also due to the many invisible forces in my life that were robbing me of time and emotional energy.

And, this gave me pause.  Later, after requiring my students to also write “Letters about Literature” ( http://read.gov/letters/ ), I was more convinced that I needed to write about the power of the invisible.  The essays my students had written about their beliefs and their letters to their favorite authors made me discover both tragic and wonderful, invisible things they had experienced in their lives.  Suddenly, I was able to celebrate their unseen victories and their hidden sorrows, more than I had been able to in September.  Maybe I had waited too long to ask them to share these sentiments with me.

I don’t know why I was so surprised to see how much some of them dediced to share with me, but I was happy that they had trusted me to do so.  I thank them for their revelations and for their wisdom.

Lately, in our house, we have had many conversations about what people hide in the heart, what they suffer daily, and how they continue with life just the same because life also brings us beautiful moments, especially when we have the courage to trust others, and to remember that we need to do all we can to inspire others to understand that there is also beauty in the invisible and there is positive power in the universe.

And, with this unoriginal entry, I thank, again, my students (present and past), and I also thank my inspiring family and friends, for supporting me and believing in me when I most need it.  Thank you for reminding me that there is also affirmative power in the invisible, too.



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