Es hermoso.

Como se enciende su presencia

Mis nervios, todavía alivia

Mi piel.

Es hermoso.

Como sus imperfecciones se hicieron para mi

Una panacea eterna.

Un refugio de las tormentas que atraviesan

Mi mundo mientras las nubes amenazadoras están


Revelando un sol magnifico e inevitable.

Es hermoso.

Cada momento que paso ahogando en un mar del pecado

Y la falta de fe se resuelve


Sus brazos


Alrededor de mi.

Es hermoso.


2 comentarios sobre “Panacea

  1. Lynn, this is such a beautiful poem! It’s so simple but also so strong because the second I began reading it I understood it’s purpose. You portrayed your feelings so well, and the repetition of “Es Hermoso” really aided in to the overall meaning and reasoning for the poem itself. The structure was well done and I like how you did just enough- like you didn’t put so much that it was overwhelming. You said just enough, with honesty clearly, to get the point across without ever needing to express more specific wording or experience. Very well done, beautiful poem and picture. The meaning is so sweet

  2. Oh Lynn boo boo, this is so beautiful. I love the whole aspect of the poem and how you emphasized the line in the poem by saying «it’s beautiful» repeatedly. That really stuck out to me throughout the whole poem. It was strong, it was special, and it resonates in the most important ways. I also loved the ending. «your arms, surrounding me, it’s beautiful» it showed and portrayed your love and what is important to you and how these things are important to you and the aspect of what you are trying to say to the audience. That it’s beautiful. I also really loved the section where you talked about the sea being strangled as a sin, I hopefully am getting these translations correct, lmao lmao. And that really resonated with me when I was reading it as well, because it was such a good use of imagery and personification to almost make the sea, or the sea’s waves as a person. It is beautiful, just like you! I love it!

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