Ode to Summer


you are everything one could ever want,

with your warm sun

heating my skin,

I long for you

in these dreary months.

The way you turn the grass bright green,

enlivens every step I take.


The beautiful sunlight you bring,

is sometimes interrupted

by contrasting

cool rain.

The tears you cry

only nourish the plants,

and allow your beauty

to continue flourishing.


When you arrive,

it’s the perfect time

to visit the beach.

The sand fills my toes,

and the sun contrasts the cool breeze.

A rainbow of umbrellas

are seen from above.

I don’t mind the crowd.


Not to mention

when you occur,

the most wonderful thing happens.

Days are filled with freedom

and relaxation,

school is no longer a worry,


I’m waiting for you.


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