Ode To My Juice Box

Ode To My Juice Box

By Alexandra Bourke

Oh, juice box,

You fill my heart and soul with all the love that is within you.

There will never be a day in my life when I do not smile

Upon seeing your perfect edges.

Could there be anything more perfect in the world?

Oh, juice box,

I shall never see another dehydrated day with you by my side.

My companion since childhood,

You are the conqueror of thirst,

And a reliable source of many important vitamins.

Why drink water, when you can drink the nectar of the gods!

Oh, juice box,

Are there any imperfections to you?

Your straw, so bendy,

Your box, so geometric,

Your juice, so sweet.

You are the Adonis of the world of juice.

Oh, juice box,

I find myself at a loss for words.

No language possess the adjectives to describe your brilliance.

I pray you remain in your perfect state forever,

An unwavering image of beauty. lol juice

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