An Ode to School by Teagan Fransen

An Ode to School


Ripped from sleep while the night still lingers in the air and chased down the driveway

Lost time chases you, as darkness is chased by the sun, into the grasp of the rusted doors

Their squeak sends shivers down your spine as you march into the impending doom

Your seat is marked warnings of those who were trapped inside before you, “Get Out”


The morning monster releases you to an even worse fate

A parade of hopeful innocents already sentenced to death row

There’s a low buzz of apprehension, regret, and fear

They file you in like ants, marching to a cold metal seat and a frigid atmosphere


Like an assembly line, one after another you mindlessly take out yesterday’s hard work

Uniformly gathered into a stack, regardless of effort, to pass judgement from the gatekeeper

He leers in front of the eerie glow of his board, laughing as he taunts his keys of power

Wielding knowledge like an unjust staff, he rushes through the infinite slides


Spitting out words like spears to knock out confidence in one fell sweep

Never pausing for questions or validating acquisitiveness, instead berating for incorrectness

Only one person can know best in this room, and it isn’t you

So quell your vitality to become another mindless soldier in the army against independence


Step right up to receive your armor against curiosity, protecting you from individuality

Instead take the bullets of essays and tests from friendly fire

Be rewarded for this valor by having your achievements degraded and scaled against others

You are now at war with those in charge, with yourself, with your peers


Inside this brick house, inside this literal box, inside this mental prison

Your only weapons to survive is appealing to arbitrary measurements

And once you pass the test to be one of their best soldiers

Your only reward is to take your place in society and pay taxes to those who made you this way


By Teagan Fransen

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