A letter to Nicholas Sparks

Dear Nicholas Sparks,

Thank you. For showing me what love is, for showing me how genuine relationships can be and for most of all showing me how strong the bond between two people in love really is. I have become a more emotionally attached person, so vulnerable to hurt, yet somehow stronger and more apt to fall harder in love. Although I fall hard in love and find myself weak at times, I find strength in your book.

Noah and Allie have created a love story I adore, although not seeming ideal at first, quite perfect in the end. I think it is beautiful how Noah is away in World War II for 14 years yet when he returns home, the first and foremost thought on his mind is Allie, the love of his life. The fact that just being in the presence of each other once again relights the flame for their love brings me to a state of contentment. I find it satisfying how if the love between two people is truly sincere, the world will ensure they are meant to be together. Nothing can stop true love. If a relationship does not work out it is because it wasn’t true love. As much as it hurts to come to the realization of that, it is true. Letting go is easy if the love is not real.

Recently, I have found myself in a dark patch with the concept of love in relation to an everlasting bond and hope. I can’t let go. I feel pain that someone I love is forced out of my life, that I do not have a say in what’s happening, that my Noah is forced into a World War II of his own. I started to think love is not real, it can’t be, love is supposed to be beautiful, why am I hurting so much.

Through your book, which I have read countless times, I have made the realization that every true love has its flaws within it, some being bigger than others. When I first read your book I was confused. How could Allie move on after being so in love with Noah? How could Noah leave like that? They were soulmates weren’t they? Why are they being torn apart? These thoughts would gnaw at me through the book. Nevertheless, I kept reading the book, even when Noah and Allie were separated, and even when Allie got engaged, which broke my heart. She could be engaged when she knows for a fact her true love is Noah? How? Those are the questions I used to ask myself.

Until I found myself in her situation.

I started to reread the book through Allie’s eyes. I felt like I was living something similar to her. Losing my Noah, finding someone else to repair a hole in my heart, but knowing who my true love is. I could relate to every decision she was making, all the paths she was choosing. She was trying to do the right thing for herself. She did not want to hurt anymore and neither do I, but that doesn’t mean losing hope. True love never lets go, never moves on, never forgets, they may find themselves distant at times, but always together in heart. That is all that matters. Having that gut feeling, knowing they love you just as much as you love them. That you are meant to be. That is how I got through and continue to grapple with the intense emotional rollercoaster called true love. No matter how hard it breaks me, I will never be broken.  

Love is by far the most powerful emotion of all and having the person I loved most torn out of my life destroyed me. Like Allie, I have had the pain of losing someone I love. Someone I held closest to my heart.

I now know that love is bigger than any obstacle thrown in front of it. Whether two people are apart for one day or 14 years, nothing can put an end to the passionate love between two people. Not distance, not new people, not endless fights, nothing. Love is love and a powerful connection like real love, lasts a lifetime. I will never lose hope within the pure love I share with my Noah. In the end, I know love always wins and it all works out. Love never dies.

You have taught me to love even when it hurts the most and to always have hope. Through your book I have found my true love within a best friend and I am forever grateful.

“You are my best friend as well as my lover, and I do not know which side of you I enjoy the most. I treasure each side, just as I have treasured our life together.” -Nicholas Sparks

Thank you,

Allison Escott


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