Literary Letter to the Onion By Diego

Dear The Onion

I have never really liked to read. There have always been more fun things to do like play video games, go outside to play sports or hang out with friends. But I have always been interested in politics and the things that happen on a daily basis. Due to that I enjoy watching the news. My usual news sources are questionable in reliability. Some of these news sources are CNN, MSNBC, FOX, Infowar hosted by Alex Jones. Due to these news sources not being very reliable I set out to find new news sites to get information of the things going on in the world. Eventually i found the Daily Wire, Reason, and most importantly The Onion. Finding The Onion has changed my life from only reading and watching fake news to actually reading about the truth and the real problems of the world.

Ever since I started reading the Onion my life has changed for the best.

I have learned a lot about the current events of the world. The onion has shed a lot of light for me on the presidency of Trump and other world issues. The Onion has inspired me to get more involved in reading the news and has taken me from playing video games and being social with friends to being secluded in my room in the darkness only reading articles from the onion. The Onion has taught me to question other news sources and always use their website to fact check.

I have only thanks to the onion for educating me and for helping me drop my bad habits.

Thank You

Diego Kulldorff

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