Letters About Literature

Dear Unknown Author,

I love the poem Beowulf with the entirety of my heart. Two months ago, my eleventh grade English teacher introduced me to this fascinating story, and while I did not know it at the time, it has impacted me in a way that nothing else could. Every day after class, I felt compelled to keep reading, as if some immeasurable force was drawing the book into my hands at every spare moment; it was enthralling. Your powerful story has captivated my attention, for without it, there would forever be a gaping hole in my heart.

Prior to reading Beowulf, my character lacked what I believe to be the most quintessential component of success, confidence and courage. I was timid, hesitant to pursue tasks outside of my comfort zone. I faced many monsters, that consumed my thoughts night and day, and brought fear into my life. Beowulf changed that. I believe the challenges in my everyday life to parallel those of Beowulf and Grendel. I related to the poem Beowulf in a way I have never related to anything in my life before.

Since reading Beowulf, I have learned to overcome my innermost fears, and it has instilled in me a new sense of confidence and bravery. As I whisked through the poem page after page, I found myself fully immersed in the story. I vicariously conquered my fears through Beowulf, and pictured the gruesome beasts of the story as my own monsters, terrifying grades and a gpa so low that it threatened to reach the earth’s inner core. Whenever I find myself falling into a state of utter despair, I reach for my well-worn copy of Beowulf, and find solace in its pages. In times of distress, I find that after reading a few pages of Beowulf, my confidence is revitalized, and I am motivated to overcome my latest challenge. These instances are a mere fraction of the profound impact that Beowulf has had on me, and for these reasons, I thank you; your poem has taught me the vitality of courage, and will forever be my go to in times of sadness.

Beowulf is invaluable to British literature. It is a cultural work that incorporates the characteristics of numerous people, to encompass a variety of cultures into one single work. Beowulf is the epitome of cultural acceptance, and demonstrates the monumental benefits of being kind and helpful to one another. It is a timeless novel that conveys messages that will continue to be prevalent in society for centuries, inspiring each and every individual that has the privilege to read it. Your depiction of the importance of cultural acceptance has taught me to have a more open view of the world, and a deeper appreciation for the country that I live in; one where everyone (with a few exceptions) accepts everyone, regardless of their ethnicity. Reading it has taught me how fortunate I am to have grown up exposed to various cultures, and to have had the opportunity to learn about them all. I am inspired to share this poem with the rest of the world and spread. I feel blessed to have been exposed to your masterpiece.

Most Sincerely,


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