The Train heading to Wilderness in Western/去向西部荒野的列车

Dead Man(1995) It is the beginning of movie Dead Man(1995).  This figure demonstrates some passengers on a carriage of a train heading to New Mexico, the 1880s. A few of them are staring at the main character, named William Blake, who is an accountant in Cleveland. The director wants to express a strange cognizance to … Sigue leyendo The Train heading to Wilderness in Western/去向西部荒野的列车

The Analysis of the Art in Life in Van Gogh’s Sunflower

Art is the pattern of manifestation through the experience with the combination of life process, biological process and the development of the story, and it will show people’s objective or subjective perception, consciousness, thinking and expressing activities. The display of art will give the audience with sensual pleasures or profound thoughts. Art will also cultivate … Sigue leyendo The Analysis of the Art in Life in Van Gogh’s Sunflower

Road Side Rock Music/ 公路摇滚,特立独行

Rock music, as a rebellious and exciting form of performing, has been around us for a very long period of time. Rock music usually represents the young and passionate group of society, and is often related to consumption of alcohol and drugs. However, some talented rock bands has went away from the common rock music … Sigue leyendo Road Side Rock Music/ 公路摇滚,特立独行

Art without Constrains 艺术无约束

Art is a way people choose to make the world a better place. “Art is a way of grasping the world. Not merely the physical world, which is what science attempts to do; but the whole world, and specifically, the human world, the world of society and spiritual experience” (Nieters). The beauty of art is … Sigue leyendo Art without Constrains 艺术无约束

The Stillness of Lake 湖之沉静

  Art seems like a mystical word, which cannot be easily given one single accurate definition. It has dramatic differences with physics, math, and chemistry, which possess some specific rules and can be described by formulas. But art is not something hovering in the high sky with which can’t be touched. Baudelaire’s poetry, Michelangelo's sculptures, Picasso’s … Sigue leyendo The Stillness of Lake 湖之沉静