Aesthetics Of Football/足球美学

When people hear the word “Art”, most people probably will consider it’s beyond their reach. Only the famous painters, musicians, and those talented people are the ones who can be reachable. But I think Art is much more than these and beyond these. Everyone can have their own understandings of Art. Some think Art is great; however, some think Art is garbage and useless for them. I do not oppose these understandings, and I do not agree with these understandings either. Because I insist on my own understandings.


When I consider the question: Is football (soccer) an art? I went through my memories for these past eight years of playing and watching football matches. I can tell that there is more than just athleticism which attracts me. Then I looked up the definition of art which is “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form.” I am sure players are not playing like machines. When football players are performing on the field, the creative skills which are magically happening in split seconds break through the defenses formed by many opponents. I am thrilled when I am watching my favorite team and my favorite player release their creativity in front of more than a hundred thousand of people watching their magic. A skill moves, a difficult shot, or a story behind matches are all artworks for me.


2 comentarios sobre “Aesthetics Of Football/足球美学

  1. Wow! I never thought about sports being art before, but everything you said is true! I will definitely look at sports differently now.

  2. To me, futbol, and many other sports like it, is without question a form of art. Many undermine the incredible skill and creativity that it takes in order to preform up to the standards of a professional. I appreciate the fact that you have acknowledged this, because these people work for hours on end to improve themselves, they are indeed artists because they are perfecting themselves, which they view as their canvas.

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