Art is undefined / 艺术是不可定义的

In our daily life, we see cars on the street and will not regard cars as art. However, cars will become art if we put them into the museum. So what is art? Art is undefinable. It is ridiculous that we always think art is something people told us this is art. People focus on art especially to things in the museum, art gallery. They are taking photos rather than thinking about why they like this art. Everyone realizes that context can change perception. Actually, everything is art from my point of view. / 在我们的日常生活中,我们不会认为汽车在马路上穿梭是一种艺术。然而,当我们将汽车放在博物馆里,人们就会认为这就是艺术。所以,到底什么才叫做一种艺术?艺术是不可定义的。我们总是荒谬的认为艺术是别人告诉我们的才是艺术。人们如今总会把艺术针对于在博物馆或者美术馆的事物。人们会去照相留念而不是真正的品味这个东西为什么是一种艺术或者为什么你会喜欢这种艺术。每个人会渐渐地按照情景去改变自己的想法。所以在我的观念里,任何事情都可以变成一种艺术。

Technically, nature is art. Any single art defines a different theory.  When you drive on the roadway to see all those plants on both sides, when you stand on the mountain to see the whole view of the city, when you see the crowded group of people walking on the street in Manhattan, they are all arts that you will enjoy it. /从技术上讲,自然是艺术。任何一种单一的艺术都定义了一种不同的理论。当你开车在道路两边看到所有这些植物,当你站在山上看到整个城市的视图,当你看到拥挤的人群走在街上在曼哈顿,这都是一种你可以体会到的艺术。


4 comentarios sobre “Art is undefined / 艺术是不可定义的

  1. I love this post because I think its so true that often times art is defined by one aspect such as being in a museum, whereas art can really be everything, whether a car or a painting. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so anything can beautiful and inspiring to an individual.

  2. I think to me, art is something beautiful or shocking that catches the eye, but that also has the ability to give the viewer a meaningful emotional connection. Before even reading the caption, I clicked on your post because I thought the cover image was so beautiful– the colors so brilliant and intense. This image reminds me of the beach at my grandma’s house, somewhere that holds meaning to me. Your post encompasses perfectly that art can appear everywhere, and have a variety of meanings to different people. For me, this image is art as it catches my eye and brings back memories. But it can mean many different things to other viewers.

  3. 我觉得您能在周围的事物看到艺术是非常难得的。人们经常在忙绿的时候忽略他们身边所有的风景。比如我吧,我从小在纽约长大然后这个导致我对纽约的大楼什么的都免疫了。但是这些大楼在别人的眼中却是难得的艺术。能从周围的环境找到满足感在我们这个忙碌的时代是少有的但也是非常珍贵的。

  4. I think that it is really interesting how you introduce this almost intangible idea to art: the idea that not one thing is art but that everything, in it’s own sense, is art. I also think that it’s very insightful that you allude to the fact that art, taken away from the connotations of the word, tells a story. I also really like that you implicitly talk about the privilege of recognizing art around us, the idea that though the mainstream definition of art defies it. I think that the use of the photos really adds contrast between a scene like the tranquil ocean which many of us (hopefully) recognize as an artistic, natural masterpiece while the car proves to show that more basic details of life that many of us take for granted is also art, in its own right.

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