Road Side Rock Music/ 公路摇滚,特立独行

Rock music, as a rebellious and exciting form of performing, has been around us for a very long period of time. Rock music usually represents the young and passionate group of society, and is often related to consumption of alcohol and drugs. However, some talented rock bands has went away from the common rock music style by developing new emotions and themes in their songs.


There is a rock band in China called «Miserable Faith». By listening to its songs, people usually cannot feel the anger and passion they normally feel in listening to common rock music, instead, the songs of Miserable Faith goes along with road trips and souls seeking freedom. Its song does not have intensified heavy instrumental play, but instead, dramatically sets up a mood of relaxing road trips, and can sometimes represent the way of music playing of traditional minority tribes in China.

国内有一支已经组建很久的乐队– 痛仰乐队。他们的摇滚并不会给你愤怒的感觉,而会让你觉得仿佛置身于世外桃源。听着他们的歌,你会感觉自己驾车走在云南进藏的公路上,重新找回自己自由的灵魂。他们的歌并没有那些偏向碾的重器乐,而是营造出一种非常放松的感觉,同时还使用了很多少数民族的音乐元素。

This image has been printed by many fans as flags, waved furiously in Miserable Faith fans.

I will not talk about them too much. I will put some likes of Miserable Faith songs, please check them out if you are interested.

把体会痛仰乐队的机会留给大家,点击下面的链接听歌。  (Song of The Highway) (Goodbye Jack) (Yellow Gypsy)

Un comentario sobre “Road Side Rock Music/ 公路摇滚,特立独行

  1. 我觉得很有趣的地方是这个乐队的名字非常有歧义;字面上让人觉得很负面但是实际上是非常积极向上的。虽然还没听过他们的音乐,但我想我一定会喜欢的。 多谢分享!

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