The Train heading to Wilderness in Western/去向西部荒野的列车

Dead Man-0001.png
Dead Man(1995)

It is the beginning of movie Dead Man(1995).  This figure demonstrates some passengers on a carriage of a train heading to New Mexico, the 1880s. A few of them are staring at the main character, named William Blake, who is an accountant in Cleveland. The director wants to express a strange cognizance to audiences in the movie beginning. The first strange point, the movie is shown in black & white although it is a 1995 movie. It is work for the theme of the movie, but audiences do not realize this is part of the theme in the beginning of this film. The second strange part is the atmosphere in the carriage. Those passengers are not well dressed, and some of them are traveling with their guns. They give audiences an uncivilized impression. However, William Blake is an accountant from a city; he shares nothing in common with other passengers. That is why some passengers stare at him in a strange expression. The movie expresses a scenario that might take place in the real world in a dramatic, exaggerated way. It is a an example of the expression of magic realism. The director hints that audiences recall their memories of ordinary events, but the story shows on screen adds some unrealistic material. For example, a few of train passengers in 1880s might carry weapons in the carriage in a concealed way. In this movie, most of the train passengers carry their guns in carriages without hiding them. It is essential to know the magical realism elements in the movie are also work for the theme. Audiences will notice more strange points while the movie moves forward; they may be confused. However, all of the questions will be answered when the movie ends, and the theme comes out. It is the art of visual storytelling through film.