Una carta a Benjamin Alire Sáenz /A letter to Benjamin Alire Saenz.

Letters about Literature

Dear Benjamin Alire Sáenz,

I am not an avid reader, in fact I never was, even as a child when I had extra time on my hands.

However your book Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe has left a large impact on my life. Looking back to the time when I read this book several years ago in middle school, to this day, I still think about how much it touched me.Although you won’t typically catch me reading, when I do pick up a book, my favorite genre is young adult fiction. This book really stood out because the characters were so relatable.

 They were influential because Ari and Dante were trying to figure out where they belong in the world through the book, just myself and other kids my age are trying to figure this out as well.

I feel that this book has taught me a lot of life lessons and the importance of a beautiful and 

sincere friendship. It showed me the power and impact people can leave on you. 

The themes in this book such as isolation, family issues, and race are important things to

be discussed and I thought that this book gave people a way to realize you are not alone and people deal with the same types of challenges in life. I learned a lot about coming of age and while I was reading and the lessons helped me through my middle school years. The takeaways from this book were encouraging while figuring out how to deal with maturing mentally and seeing how these characters work through this too.


Julia Gratton 


No leo mucho porque no me gusta. Pero me encantó el libro Aristotle and Dante Discover the

Secrets of the Universe. Los personajes son identificables. Me mostró una hermosa amistad.

Aprendí sobre la maduración. Las personas son poderosas eimportante en la vida.

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