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Letters of Literature 

Dear Rick Roirdan, 

The Percy Jackson series is a great series that makes a person think. It may be fiction and have a plot not anywhere close to reality, but it still gives little lessons to both the characters in the story learn as well as the readers. The characters even teach the readers different lessons throughout the books. The way each character grows from the start of the series to the last page in the last book. It is as if they are completely different people. The character development pushes the theme in each book. The author pushed a big theme about family and how everyone should be there for each other even when that becomes difficult. At the beginning of the series, none of the characters realized how important and impactful that can be. Then as time progressed, the readers can see the change and how each other becomes a higher priority. Also as the books go on, the adventures continue to get more challenging which tests these characters. This theme that the author shows comes into a huge play when this time in the series comes around. This theme also expands to the characters and the connections they have for each other. Not only the fact that they are all there for each other but the fact that they all have this level of trust for each other where they trust each other so much to have them and not let go. The theme of the book is heavily impacted by the characters and the characters stick heavily to the theme of the book that the author has set. 

Spanish version: 

Percy Jackson es un libro de importante. Los personajes es muy importante. El libro es muy interesante. Los personajes cuentan la historia. Los personajes enseñan un mensaje en el libro.

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