Una Carta a Harper Lee/ A Letter to Harper Lee

Helper of Understanding

Dear Harper Lee, 

When I read To Kill A Mockingbird in eighth grade I finished it with a whole new understanding and think it is an excellent book. It helped me understand the way African Americans were treated in the 1930s. I learned that the court was unjust and people who supported the African Americans were targeted and hated on, like Atticus. I get a clear understanding of what African Americans went through and that no one could be allowed to be on their side. The book is well written and details are well explained. I also learned that hermits are not bad people and can be your friend like Boo Radley. Rumors and stories affect everyone’s opinions on different people and it is shown very well in this story. The way you let the readers see the different perspectives is very effective and well planned out in this story. 

The way of life during this time period is expressed in full detail and helps all types of readers learn how life was back then. I wish to read the other book that you’ve written when I have the time because detail is always expressed thoroughly and that is what makes a book easier to understand. 

Querida Harper Lee,

Cuando leí tu libro To Kill a Mockingbird en octavo grado terminé con una nueva perspectiva a sobre cómo era la vida en los años 30. Tu escritura es muy fácil para leer porque incluye muchos detalles. Cómo explicas las diferentes perspectivas de los personas en el libro es muy efectivo y bien planeado por todo el libro. Quiero leer el otro libro que escribiste porque puedo entenderlo fácilmente. Me gustan los libros que yo puede entender fácilmente y eso es porque me gusta sus libros.

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