Sp 5A/ECE final assignment 2020 – Alex Brita Blog

I have included 4 different photos I have taken from each year of my highschool career 

that I think represent them the most accurately.

  • Freshman Year: 

I think this photo of Mt. Washington in NH I took back in 2016 reflects what my year being a freshman was like. I could see the great peaks of the mountain, or the great experiences and achievements I hoped to accomplish, in the distance barely out of my reach and blocked by clouds.


    Sophomore Year:

I took this picture at the ending of 2017, and it’s an adorable picture of my cat and dog sleeping next to each other. I think this shows the new and lasting friendships I made during sophomore year that really shaped my next two years of high school.

  • Junior Year:

I took this picture of my dog in an open pathway towards the end of 2018, and I think it sums up my Junior year. I had been doing well in my classes, but had no real idea about what would be in my future. I had been trying really hard to do well in class and on my SAT, but I didn’t have a clear goal. Nevertheless, I think my dog’s stance reflects my persistence and work I put into my academics that year.

  • Senior Year:

I took this photo of an abandoned tennis/basketball court late last year in fall, and I think it sums up my senior year quite well. My senior year was supposed to be the most relaxed, like the environment of the court, yet it turned out to be the most hectic, like the overgrowth of trees and plants in the cracks of pavement. The story behind this place is similar to my senior year, it was once a functioning place where people gathered to play sports and have fun, but was soon left and abandoned. But, despite all the overgrowth and damage, the court remains what it was originally, a place where people gather to play sports and have fun. Despite it being abandoned, people still visit to ride their bikes and have fun with others in this location. I think the same can be said about senior year for myself and my peers. Although it is gone, our friendships still remain and will continue into the future, just as this court has done for endless years.

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