Cosas yo aprendí del libro «She’s Come Undone» / Things I learned from the book, «She’s Come Undone»

Estimado Wally Lamb,

Al principio, yo estaba indecisa al leer su libro, She ‘s Come Undone, porque oí cuan intenso y oscuro el libro es. Los lectores aprenden mucho sobre los personajes a través del lenguaje descriptivo, pero todavía usan sus propias interpretaciones. Tengo bastante suerte de tener una vida excelente, en que no he enfrentado ninguna tragedias. En muchas maneras, siento como estoy protegida de la adversidad. Yo puedo decir que este libro es sobre la dificultades que las personas tienen y cuán mal la vida puede ser. Sin embargo, decidí que yo quería ver una perspectiva de una persona que está sufriendo en la vida; alguien que no sabe cómo despertarse cada día.

Este libro me abrió los ojos y me di cuenta de que es imposible saber que pasa con otra persona. En algunas maneras, siento que yo puedo relacionar a Dolores porque ella también quiere ‘encontrarse’ a sí misma. Cada persona en el mundo tiene un problema, si es grande o pequeño. Ahora, yo se que no tengo muchos problemas, y yo no debo juzgar a otras personas. La razón por la que este libro es lo que me hizo darme cuenta de esto es porque a veces, Dolores parecía valiente, y oculta sus emociones verdades. La gente es rápida para criticar a otras personas, pero creo que es malo, porque cada persona tiene algo pasando.

Es fácil perderse en las acciones de un personaje, y es difícil reflexionar sobre los mensajes. Este libro contiene mucha vulnerabilidad. Ser vulnerable es una situación muy difícil. La mayoría de personas piensan que es una debilidad, pero creo que es una fuerza. Cuando las personas están abiertas, las relaciones mejoran. Hacer metas realmente importa si no tienes a nadie a tu lado; alguien que te conoce?

Creo que la perseverancia en este libro fue inspirada. Las cosas no siempre son buenas, pero es importante intentarlas otra vez. La idea de renacer aparece en el es en el fin de la novela. La cosa más valiosa que aprendí, es que está bien empezar de nuevo. Después de preservar, uno merece ser la mejor versión de sí mismo. Supongo que las personas pueden interpretar un libro a su propia manera, y esto es la belleza verdadera de las lecturas. Las personas toman lo que necesitan aprender. Como dije, este libro me abrió los ojos, pero es algo que yo necesitaba leer, para poder mostrar compasión a otras, sobrevivir mis dificultades, y vivir cada día mejor que el pasado. Gracias por enseñarme cosas muy importantes que yo pensaba que ya sabía.


Emma Schillinger


Dear Wally Lamb, 

At first, I was hesitant to read your book, She’s Come Undone, because I had heard about how dark and intense it was. Readers of this novel learn so much about the characters through descriptive language, but can still input their own interpretations. I am fortunate enough to have a wonderful life, where I have not faced any significant, life-altering tragedies. In some ways, I feel as though I am sheltered from adversity. It’s safe to say that this novel is all about hardships some people face and how daunting life can be. However, I decided that I wanted to experience the perspective of someone who is truly struggling in life; someone who does not know how they are going to face the next day. 

This novel really opened my eyes and made me realize that it is impossible to know what is going on in someone else’s life. In some ways though, I felt like I could relate to Dolores because she too is trying to find herself. Every person in this world has a problem, whether it be big or small. I now realize that I don’t have as many problems as I thought I had, and I should not judge people based on one interaction. Dolores put on a brave face to others and hid her true feelings, and this is what made me aware of how negativity can be so detrimental to a person. People are so quick to criticize others in the world today, and I believe this is wrong because most people have something that is challenging them on any given day.

It is so easy to get lost in the actions of a character, and that makes it difficult to step back and reflect on hidden messages. This book contains lots of vulnerability, especially in the life experiences of the characters. Dolores specifically is very vulnerable because of the tragedies she encountered throughout her life. Being vulnerable is a difficult situation, and while most think of this as a weakness, I see it as a strength. Allowing yourself to open up to someone else leads to better relationships. For example, Dolores was able to open up to Thayer, and he accepted her despite her troubled past. I too, used to be closed off because I thought I would be better off that way. I mean, if people don’t know my problems, then I don’t have to rely on them to help me, right? Well, since reading this book, I have come to realize that vulnerability and trust strengthen relationships with the right people. Having someone who knows you deep down can be difficult, but very worth it.

When I read a novel, I love to look for the hidden messages; things the author might want the reader to know without explicitly stating it. Although it may not be very hidden, I thought the perseverance in this book was so inspiring. Dolores was repeatedly knocked down, and giving up never seemed to help her. However, once she started to accept that starting over is not a bad thing, she found more success. It helped reiterate in my mind that things aren’t always going to go the way you want them to, but it’s important to move forward and try again. 

Another hidden message I found captivating was the idea of rebirth, which presents itself at the end of the novel. The most valuable thing I gained from reading this is that it’s okay to start over and reinvent yourself. After persevering and making it out the other side, you deserve to be the best version of yourself. I don’t usually like to read novels that I can not relate to, and I admit I did not think I was going to get anything meaningful from this novel, due to the fact that my life has been mostly free of trauma. Yet, I found that I could still learn so much from this book. Regardless of what experiences I shared with the characters in the book, I was still able to take away many important messages. 

Thank you for opening my mind and reminding me that I still have so much to learn. This really changed my perspective on how I should treat others; it made me realize that being kind goes a long way. In the past, yeah I have probably looked down on the Dolores’ in the world, but now I will be mindful to remember that I have no idea what is going on in someone else’s life, and it is not my place to judge others. I hope that I can continue to grow as a person, but either way, thank you for creating something that will inspire great things in its readers. 


Emma Schillinger 

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