Feminine Fashion of the Past

Fashion is one of the many forms of art that brings people together, even through different generations. The generations that stand out to me the most are definitely the 70s and the early 2000s. Both of these decades produced some of the most long lasting patterns and prints that are clearly still loved in today’s day and age.

The fashion in the 70s is something special. It is bright and bold and stands out to everyone. The influence of this generation is one of a kind. For what seems to be such a long time ago, clothes are still being made everyday that resemble to same formatting from this decade. The bell bottom pants were a debate for a long time but have officially come back and people could not be happier. People can dress them up or down while still adding that additional flair in their style.

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The Three Degrees*&

In addition to bell bottoms making a statement back into our daily fashion, the unique designs have been appearing more and more in everyday looks. There is something so fascinating about the colors and designs that were used back then. Today, most people enjoy the neutrals — black, brown, white, gray, etc. While those may be good for simple or classy looks, they could never compare to the looks from the 70s. There are some people out there that see the good in the bright and bold and influence more people everyday to bring back those colors and light up their wardrobe.

justseventeen: “July 1971. 'Hop into hotpants and tops slahed with color…'  ” | Retro fashion, 70s inspired fashion, Vintage outfits

The early 2000s is also a time to be recognized. The fashion efforts made then were unlike most in the past. As you can see above and below, there are not many similarities between 70s fashion and 2000s fashion. The pants and skirts got lower and tighter, especially when paired with small crop tops and tanks. The main attraction at this time was clearly the body. Whether the stomach, the legs, or other parts of the body were being shown, nothing was ever completely covered.

Low-rise jeans appear to be making a comeback - but not everyone is happy  about it | 7NEWS

This stirred up quite the controversy. On one hand people were excited and proud to be expressing their body and showing it off, and others were excited for them. But on the other hand, there were the few that hated the fashion of this time and believed it to be heavily inappropriate. Some thought it was «too much» skin showing and missed the older days when fashion still incorporated full coverage. Even in todays day many women are shamed for wearing certain clothing items and embarrassed to wear certain things out, when in reality they should be comfortable in whatever they wear. Hopefully as time goes on and things continue to progress people can just let people wear what they want to wear with no added shame.

This time also incorporated a sense of comfort into the outfits with the classic tracksuits and sweats, introducing the popular Juicy Couture sets. The culture of this style was known as a mix between “streetwear and luxury”, making it understandable for why it has returned to us in 2021. It is fashionable, cute, and comfortable all in one.

Both the 70s and 2000s style are so unique and may seem so questionable in some looks, but they add a sense of character that we as teens living now in 2021 have succeeded in bringing them back.

4 comentarios sobre “FASHION IS REBORN

  1. I liked how you explained the different styles that were popular from the 70s to now, and also how fashion is a way of expressing your creativity.

  2. I like the contrast shown between each era of fashion. I love fashion, and the fact that you talk about the influence into the modern world is a great additional piece of information.

  3. Personally really enjoyed this article. I also really liked 70’s fashion, and as you mentioned in your article, I own a pair of bell bottom jeans and feel SO good in them. I like that you also gave examples about how styles from the 70s and 2000s are incorporated now in 2021. This was kind of nostalgic and it was great.

  4. It should be noted that in men’s fashion the use of button-down pants without a strap began to give rise to the aesthetic projection of the man’s body, where this trend emerged, separating itself from the conservative of the past decades of the 60s and 50s

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