Kicking as an art

The art of kicking a ball is amazing in so many ways. There are so many different factors that must be thought about before kicking a ball and practicing kicking is the best way to make yourself more consistent. Some of the factors that must be thought about and practiced are: where you hit the ball, how you follow through, and what part of the foot you hit the ball with, etc. Two of the sports I like to think about when it comes to kicking are soccer and football. For soccer it is very important to know what type of kick you want to do. You can lob it up in the air, which means that you kick it and it in a way floats in the air going far, power, curve, knuckle, etc. A knuckleball shot is one of the most difficult shots to do because in order to do it you must strike the ball with the bone of your foot right in the middle of the ball. This causes the ball to move in many unpredictable ways making it go up/down or side to side. These are all different types of kicks and for each of them your body position, the part of your foot you used, where you hit the ball, and how you follow through is all different. For example, to kick a soccer ball with a curve you should kick the ball with the part of your foot closer to your heel and have your foot curled up a bit. You should also swing your foot through the ball at a curved angle so you are wrapping your foot around it.

For kicking a football there are some other factors involved that soccer doesn’t necessarily have. When kicking a football for a field goal or kickoff, you have to remember that the ball is not perfectly round so the placement of the ball on the ground is also very important. When kicking a field goal you have to kick the ball with the correct part of your foot every time so that you become consistent and become reliable. You must use the inside part around the middle of your foot in a sweeping motion to kick a field goal. At the start of kicking a field goal you should count your steps from the ball every time so that you are always repeating the same thing over and over again. When counting steps you should go back 3 from the ball and then in my case 2 to the right because I am left footed. Your first step should be with your trailing foot, in this case my right foot and the left foot, and then place your right foot next to the ball then swing your left foot through the ball. When swinging through the ball you want to hit the ball right under the center of it so that you can get it up in the air at a good angle so it goes as far as possible. For a kick off it is the same thing but this time you will have more steps to approach the ball with. When it comes to punting it is very important how you hold the ball in your hand and how you drop it when you are about to kick it. If you want a spiral punt you should hold it at a slight horizontal angle and kick it so it rolls off the side of your foot. For backspin you want to hold it down at a slight angle so that your foot can get better contact with the front of the ball making the ball spin backwards.

In the top ten video of the free kicks my favorite kick would be the third ranked one due to the technique he used. When he kicks the ball his initial contact with the ball is central and then he finishes through the ball at an angle giving it that spin to make it curve inwards towards the goal. The second video with the Ravens kicker making a 66 yard field goal is amazing for me to watch because that happened a few weeks ago and is now the NFL record for longest field goal in a game. To be able to kick the ball that far is outstanding. In order for him to do that he had to kick the ball perfectly right under the middle of the ball making it go through the air at about a 45 degree angle. All of that while aiming for the ball to go through a small target from that distance. Top 10 video 66 Yard Field Goal

2 comentarios sobre “Kicking as an art

  1. This is interesting. I knew there were different ways to kick a ball, but I never thought about what they really were and how they were different (eg. knuckleball shot). I knew you could kick something hard or lightly but I never thought about how to get specific results. I also didn’t know in football it was recommended you take three steps back and two steps to the right or left. I didn’t know that mattered that much

  2. Cool post! I wrote about hockey as an art so I understand where you are coming from about how sports are artistic. I used to play soccer but quit, to pursue hockey, before getting to the levels where I would start to learn all these things, but really interesting to know!

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