Ryan Woods

Art in Photographs

Art has no easy definition. I always thought art was just paintings and drawings. After learning more about the various forms art can take, I have discovered that one form of art is photography. Looking at today’s culture and society, it is apparent how much of a foothold photography has in our lives. Social media sites like Instagram and Facebook are based around photographs. Advertisements surround us, showing photographs of products. I am no avid photographer – the pictures on my phone consist of a mixture of memes and schoolwork, but every once and a while, you can find a picture I took when the right opportunity arose. Like paintings and other forms of art, photography has become a staple of humanity’s desire to capture emotion outside the human mind. When looking at an especially good picture, emotions can boil up from behind the colors and textures of the picture. Like a painting, photographs can capture moments in time, and communicate emotions without words. Throughout the years, I have taken a number of photographs, mostly of my hometown, in Shelton, Connecticut. In this post, I have included some of my favorites.

My personal definition of art is «something that communicates a message or emotion between people». This pattern can be seen between all forms of art, such as:

  • Paintings
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Poetry
  • Speeches

Our environment surrounds us, and a photograph of our surroundings can be taken anytime. Nature and architecture are like an endless source of art all around us at any given time. The earth and our structures on it are proof that we have lived, and everything that we do as people is an important record of how we feel and react to our world.

This familiarity with objects seen in nature affects how we view artwork. Pictures of somebody’s hometown invoke feelings of nostalgia. We can glance at an image and be placed inside.

Housatonic River, Shelton, CT
Wabuda Place, Shelton, CT
Shelton High School, Shelton, CT

Seeing the place a person is from can also tell you a bit about the person in question. Are they used to a quiet life in the countryside or suburbs? Or are they more accustomed to the bustling life in the city? Did they live on a street full of old people, or did they play in the streets with other kids? Experiences shape people, and environments shape experiences. Photography captures all of these feelings into an art form that can be shared and felt all across the globe.

This picture, taken by YeEun Choi in South Korea, highlights a street shadowed by colorful umbrellas. This image introduces feelings of joy and wonder.

This picture, taken by Maria Ramirez in New Haven, shows a different street, one marked with the halation of street lamps on a lonely road at night. For me, this image has a more somber tone.

Photography is art.

Next time you take a photograph, consider how you are creating a record of culture, spirit, and life. This record is in a universal language, and can change the world.

Interested in seeing more photographs? Visit this gallery: https://www.mattpaynephotography.com/gallery/

3 comentarios sobre “Ryan Woods

  1. I enjoyed reading about this! I especially liked the pictures that you included and the contrast between them, like what moods they make you feel.

  2. I loved this piece. Being able to see the pictures you took and the story behind each one. I love the way art has the ability to convey emotion.

  3. I love taking pictures and usually I never share them because I keep them as memories, I think that taking pictures is a great way to keep record of things that make us feel happy. Reading your piece felt very relatable and thank you for using one of my pictures <3. Very fun read.

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