The art of fishing

Personal experience of fishing

I have been fishing ever since I can remember. My dad grew up fishing with his dad, so he decided to do the same with me. When I was in elementary school, we went out every day after school. This is where I developed a passion for fishing. We went to a lake in our town called Mixville, and this has been our favorite place. The hundreds of hours spent at Mixville created many memories that my dad and I will never forget. In fact, I loved this lake so much, I decided to have my Eagle Scout project there. I created a fishing line receptacle, which is trash like a container that you put fishing line in. I made three that went in different spots around the lake. Besides spending quality time with my dad, I really enjoyed fishing because of the relaxation of the sport. In my opinion, nothing is better than kicking back and relaxing while having your line in the water. The nature aspect of fishing is also very calming. Watching all the different types of wildlife is very interesting, to say the least. Lastly, catching a fish is the most rewarding and exciting part of fishing. The adrenaline rush of having a massive fish on your line is exhilarating. Fishing isn’t for everyone, but I believe everyone should try it. You never know how great something is unless you try it.

History of fishing

People have been hunting and consuming fish since the dawn of time. Whether it was using their hands, or throwing objects at fish to capture them. The usage of a spear, rod, line and net developed in Egypt in 3500 BCE. In addition to being used for food, fish have been used for trade. It was just around the 11th century, when ponds were being created for harvesting fish. This was known as fish farming, something we even do in today’s world. In the 17th century, trawling was invented. This consisted of having a net or fishing line at the end of a boat to scoop up as much fish as possible. This way of fishing thrived through the invention of steamboats. These boats were able to pull huge nets through the water which was very effective for the fishing business. Throughout time, various fishing techniques have been developed and modified to best suit the society. Even to this day, we use very similar methods that were used hundreds of years before us.

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Types of fishing

There are 4 common types of fishing people do in today’s world, these consist of bait fishing, fly-fishing, ice fishing, and trolling. Bait fishing is the oldest and one of the most effective techniques while fishing. This type of fishing is also the most simple, you put any type of bait on a hook and hope for the best. This can be done in freshwater or saltwater, but different baits will be required for different locations. For instance, if you are fishing in a lake, you will definitely want to use worms. Whereas in the ocean, worms wouldn’t work, so you would use squid or shrimp.

 Fly fishing is a whole different type of fishing, used firstly by wealthier individuals. The rods are much longer and the line is much lighter. Instead of using bait, you are using artificial flies which can be made up of feathers, hair and string. Fishermen throw the flies so they hit the top of the water like normal bugs would. Fly fishing is a non stop motion of hitting the water and reeling it back up. While bait fishing, you let the bait sink to the bottom and you wait. Fly fishing is only performed in rivers and in streams. Fish like trout and salmon are always the target while doing this type of fishing

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Ice fishing has also been around for a very long time. As in the name, you perform that type of fishing over ice. In the winter, this type of fishing happens all over the world over vast amounts of lakes and ponds. Besides fishing over ice, there is another crucial difference between ice fishing and normal fishing that you need to understand. The rods are completely different because you need to have a much smaller rod. Ice fishing rods are about two to three feet while normal rods are about 5 to 6 feet long., Kenn. “Ice Fishing Gaining Popularity.” The Courier Express, 19 Jan. 2020,

As stated before, trolling requires a boat to do this type of fishing. While using this method, live bait or lures can be used. From experience, live bait always works better while trolling. You can do this in any body of water as long as you can use your boat in that spot. Usually you are trolling when you are in deep water trying to get to a better spot.

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Basic Things to remember before you go fishing

Whether it’s your first time fishing or 100th, you need to have some essential thoughts in mind before you go. I The first thing you should know is what type of fish you want to go for. This changes everything because going for a bass requires completely different equipment then going for a flounder. Once you know what type of fish you are going for, you need to get the right bait. You can look it up online, or ask your fellow locals that fish too. If you are in Connecticut, The Connecticut River is a great place to fish. In the river, there are many diverse fish you can go for. As well as the right bait, you need the right place to conquer your fishing goals. You can find these the same way you discover your bait. When you have your target fish, bait, and location, you are ready to fish. Maybe someday, you can be good at fishing as I am.

2 comentarios sobre “The art of fishing

  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog , I think it was very moving to read about you finishing with your dad. I never fish much before but I used to go with my grandfather and watch him do it , your blog took me back to the times :} and now that I learned about the different baits I might try fishing 😀 thank you !

  2. I honestly had no idea how fishing worked until I read this! Your post is so informational, and I love how you included your own pictures of you fishing.

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