«Each Dent is a goal»

My brother and I after hockey

Art can be so many things. If you were to go out on the street and ask people to describe art in a few words, the answers you would receive would vary greatly. This is due to the fact that different people perceive art differently and consider different things as being artistic. One of the art forms most dominant in my life would be hockey. Hockey has been my form of artistic expression since I started playing at the age of seven. Many people probably wouldn’t consider sports to be art, but I feel like athletes themselves consider their sport to be artistic.

It is much easier to perceive sports as being a form of art once you have attempted it yourself to understand the level complexity of the play, and the creativity needed to be able to perform. In my eyes, viewing successful hockey plays, or creating them may be like viewing a painting or painting to another person. Both painting and playing hockey involve multiple pieces coming together to form a final product. Art requires practice, consistency, and persistence to be successful. The exact same rules apply to hockey and sports in general. My garage door at home is a piece of art itself after serving as a background for my hockey net for the past twelve years and acquiring countless dents and black marks. My dad always says, «each dent is a goal».

My garage door through the netting of my hockey net

An additional factor that plays into my perception of hockey as a form of art, is the therapeutic factor it has on me. Many people say art is therapeutic, and I would say stepping on the ice and gliding around is one of the most therapeutic things I can do besides maybe petting my dog. The sounds of blades carving the ice and the carving marks they leave behind, the feeling of gliding around effortlessly, the satisfaction of making the perfect crisp pass or picking a corner on a shot, so many feelings come from hockey that I cannot get anywhere else. Something interesting about the art of hockey is how much it evolves as you grow up. Different things come into play and new strategies are developed. More work is required as you get older, whether it be learning set plays, watching video back, or training more off the ice, everything is being done to be the best you can possibly be at your sport, or your art.

Aside from the art formed by the literal playmaking in the game, there are other intricacies involved that relate to other forms of art. For starters, the carvings on the ice can appear to be very art-like. I find it so cool to skate down a fresh sheet of ice alone, then going back and looking at all the patterns I made unknowingly. Another detail is the art of taping hockey sticks followed by the marks that appear on the stick tape. Each one with meaning representing a pass, shot, stickhandle, etc. I’m always somewhat sad when I re-tape my stick as I throw out all the work and put on new layers. Finally, team uniforms. The design of the team uniforms and the unity we have during a game is art itself. I have always been one to enjoy the simple uniforms. The ones that get too busy make me unsure of what to look at and I end up looking at the different details individually rather than as a whole. I love the uniforms we have for the UConn hockey team. simple red, white, and navy blue with UConn written across the chest.

There are so many aspects of the game that serve as different versions of art. Those who do not play the sport do not realize fully how much goes into the game of hockey. I am sure many forms of art are like that too.

5 comentarios sobre “«Each Dent is a goal»

  1. I loved reading your post! I never realized until I read your post how sports are all forms of art and really there are no boundaries or limits in art itself. It was very cool to see how much you enjoy playing hockey and how many different art can be found within hockey 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post. The part I really enjoyed was when you mentioned each dent is a goal, and how you said that the garage door itself is art. I can understand that because my soccer net at home has rips and holes in it from me kicking the ball at it and the net is art for me.

  3. I love how you tied sports and art together. Sports are an underappreciated form of art, and I’ve noticed art in the sports that I’ve played too!

  4. I found this a very interesting and unique way to express hockey. I like that you could connected a sport that can be rough to such a calming and peaceful thing like art. Although, I have never played hockey myself I love ice skating and just doing that feels like I am creating art.

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