Musical fluency

I love this, it really opens your eyes to the way music can influence people.

Perdidos en sus pensamientos

Blonded By Frank Ocean: Album Review | by Alec Zaffiro | Medium
«Frank Ocean, Berlin 2», 2015 – Wolfgang Tilmans

The definition of art

What is art? Well, it can be just about anything. Art should not be something that can be defined by a simple sentence. Art is the creative expression of ideas, feelings, emotions, with a goal to evoke a response out of the viewer or audience. Art constitutes creativity.

Art & relationships

Art, in its many forms, can affect both day to day life and the relationships we have built. Music specifically, can have a direct relation to the experiences we have within our relationships. Music especially, has the ability to evoke such strong emotions, it may help you relax, energize you or cheer you up.

In terms of real-world application of the musical influence Frank Ocean provides, many of his songs include lines that may be relatable to the listener. Whether it be about heartbreak, requited or…

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