I believe that when everyone has a long vacation, the first pastime that comes to mind is to go on a trip. Traveling can not only ease my stress on study, but also let me temporarily put down all my troubles, leave those annoying problems behind for a while, and let me feel relaxed wholeheartedly. Of course, there are many people who prefer to travel with their families and lovers, and some even prefer to travel alone. But I am more inclined to go to every corner of the world with my best brothers to see the customs of different places.

I haven’t been to many places since I was a child, such as Singapore, the United States, the Maldives and South Korea. But the trip that impressed me the most was when I went to Korea with my good friends. We spent more than a week in Seoul and Busan, South Korea. At that time, there were seven of us traveling together, and they were all boys. First of all, before our holiday, we will take the time to gather seven people together to make various travel plans, and look at the strategies that others have left on various websites. Book hotel and flight tickets.

After our holiday, we arranged for seven people to gather at the airport in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China, to board a flight to South Korea. Since South Korea and China are not particularly far away, we quickly arrived at the capital of South Korea – Seoul Airport. And the first thing we did when we got off the plane was to apply for a card and exchange it for cash. There are automatic and manual currency exchanges in every country’s international airport. After each of us exchanged enough cash, at the airport gate we each bought a card to store money in. It is more like a transportation card, which can be used for payment in various convenience stores and subway stations. So for us tourists, this card is very convenient.

After we arrived, we took the subway first to the hotel we had booked and packed our luggage. It was night and we were all very hungry. So after we put our things away, we went to a barbecue restaurant that is well-known in Chinese food recommendation software. Because all of us boys like barbecue and fried chicken beer, it can be said that we went to Korea for this. I don’t know how to describe this meal. It can be said to be particularly delicate, and each table has a dedicated person to serve, help us grill and serve. But it is also possible that because there are seven of us, I feel that I am not particularly satisfied with the amount of their dishes, because the amount of each dish is not particularly large. But with such an exquisite restaurant and service, I think it is quite good for our first meal in Korea.

After dinner, because the restaurant for dinner is in a pedestrian street with the Chinese name Jiaomingdong, we started shopping after dinner. There are many snacks, such as fried potatoes and chicken nuggets and fried rice cakes. This is heaven for someone like me who doesn’t have enough to eat for dinner. The whole street is filled with the smell of food. Of course, the funniest thing is that while I was waiting for my food, I found out that the stall owner was wearing Chinese clothes. It looks like he doesn’t know what those Chinese mean. In China, his clothes are actually the uniforms of employees of a food delivery company. This made me ponder, might the words written on some English clothes we wear not understand, but we bought them because they looked good, but the actual meaning is not suitable for wearing on clothes? ?

After a few days, we collectively took the train to Busan, the second largest city in South Korea. During this period, we also went to Seoul Tower and a very large amusement park in Seoul. When we arrived in Busan, our hotel was on a seaside, which can be said to be a sea view room. We will walk and chat by the sea during dinner, and it will not be particularly hot at night. The two places that made me feel the most interesting in Busan were «Gamsan Cultural Village» and an island whose name I forgot. For Ganshan Cultural Village, the buildings there are actually like rural areas in China. There is a group of buildings at the foot of the mountain that is particularly beautiful. Every house has bright colors. In this way, the whole village looks particularly beautiful. And the second island that I find very interesting is that we took the cable car up. I prefer to call it «Cat Island». The reason is that there are many, many cats on this island. It can be said that there are countless. When we were hungry, we found a small shop selling snacks, and there would be five or six cats around us all the time, wanting to eat our food. They will also come up and rub our feet with their own bodies, very cute.

In the end, I think I had a better holiday in Korea. Not only because of the beauty of the scenery, but also because I went there with my six best friends.

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