The memory about my performance

These photos are about my high school performance experience.

I remember when I first time entered my high school, I was attracted by the various club activities in my high school. Moreover, I started leaning play the piano when I was a kid and I have lots of performance experience so I am anticipated to have more performance experience during my high school. In my junior high school, my counselor force us to concentrate on studying and do not focus on other businesses like club activities, your hobbies and sports. On the contrary, I do not like this kind of stress for the academic performance. When I graduated from junior high school, I just choose another school which encourage students to attend more club activities and explore their real interests.

From my friend’s suggestion, I just joined the dancing club and attended the training every week. However, I found that dancing is not easy. The Audience will see your movement, your expression and your consistency. How you can complete the performance depends on your flexibility and physical ability.

In the beginning, I do not have enough physical ability, flexibility and movement. I just think about giving up dance, since I think that I have no any talents. However, my friends Richard, the first boy in the second picture, always encourage me to practice. Every time in the dancing room, I have some troubles about training. He just taught me some experience and the most effective method to best perform Myself. However, it is still different to practice flexibility and dance movement because I never learn to dance before. Richard just told me that” if you can overcome the difficulties which others cannot overcome, then you will be successful. I will always help you when you are facing some issues.”

After his encourage, I begin to find my issues about dancing. I do not have enough physical ability, I just go jogging three times a week, and I also find that running is an effective method for exercise and can help me have better body shape and get rid of pressure in life. At first, I can only run for a few kilometers for few minutes. However, after one month, I can run for long time and more time. Moreover, I also do some strengthen training to help me to control my movement when I am dancing, which means my movement will be more clean and organized. After several months of training, I found that I have better body shape and never get cold, before I will get cold when the season change.

Some of my friends also accompany me when I am practicing my movement about dancing in the room. Every new movement we can practice for two hundreds to attained the best effectiveness of performance. And I also learn to get the meaning of the performance and the component of the musical drama. I also learn to listen to the flow of music that correlate to the dancing to have more my own ideas.  

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