Study Abroad a Life Changing Event

I think nobody is willing to talk about COVID-19, which is a sad story for everyone for sure. Though, I am not going to talk about after COVID life, I will share about the life before COVID.

Back 2016, I was a 16 years old innocent kid, after I just graduated from middle school, my parents told me they want me to go to the US for high school. I suddenly silenced. Because I didn’t know any of reasons and most importantly my parents weren’t even asking me before. I felt bad at that moment.

Two days later, my parents came to me and told me that “I am sorry about ignoring your opinions,» I just felt they couldn’t make decision for me even though they are my parents. But sometimes you have no choice as to what to do as a teenager, I bet a lot of teenagers are following a path that their parents paved for them. Me and my parents had a really long conversation to talk about the study abroad decision. They told me that they wanted me to have a better education and to see a bigger world. They did not wish for me to become a person like Bill Gates or another billionaire, but they wanted me to learn a different culture and improve my self-cultivation. Honestly, I really wanted to come to the US for school because my sister had gone to Vancouver for middle school. But, for some reasons I didn’t really want to stay too far away from my parents at a really young age.

Two months later, I got into the airplane. It was my first time being alone and going to a country that I never been to before. With that so many unknown and uncertainties, I started my life of study abroad. I literally want to share about one thing that first day when I arrived in Detroit airport, after a 15 hour flight I was exhausted, and I just wanted to get some food. I went into a MacDonald’s but, because of the language barrier, I barely didn’t know anything except when I saw Big Mac on the menu I thought it was the same thing that I was used to having in China MacDonald’s. So I ordered it, unfortunately, it literally was not the same thing, and it was not my flavor taste. I just took one big bite and then threw it to catch another flight.

The time was really late when I landed in Pittsburgh. My home-stay came to pick me up. I was so nervous at that time and sitting in the car, I had nothing to say even felt a little bit embarrassed. But once I think about that they are the people that I am going to spend three years together as a family. I tried to let my nervous go away. They prepared everything for me, and I had my own room.

  The first day of school, was definitely one of the most anxious days in my life.

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