My After school time before COVID-19

2022 It has been two years since the emergence of Covid-19, everyone’s life has changed dramatically, we need to bring our own masks many times even when exercising, the control of Covid-19 in the United States is not very Strict, but this is not the case in China. Every time a new epidemic occurs, it means that that area will be blocked, which makes it impossible for people to travel normally, and even some large-scale events cannot be held. I feel like my time has been stolen, and the new photos on my phone have dwindled as the epidemic worsened, and I have spent most of 2020 at home, studying at home, relaxing, and exercising, I feel like I’ve been turned off like a switch. My favorite sports are cycling and play basketball. Before the pandemic, these two sports took up most of my spare time. I would go cycling with some friends on the weekends, and I would play basketball at school with my high school classmates from Monday to Friday.

 I’m not the kind of person who learned to ride a bicycle at a very young age. I learned how to ride a bicycle in 9th grade. At first, I just used the bicycle as a means of transportation to commute between school and home. Until one summer vacation I was in When I saw a bike race on TV, I suddenly fell in love with cycling. On the TV was the famous Tour de France in cycling, I saw those people riding super fast, they could even go downhill at 80km, which was the same speed as some cars, and since then I have Determined to want to ride as fast as they can. I met and befriended some people while I was riding  my bike, we exchanged contact details and we would ride together on weekends. My home is in Shanghai. Shanghai is a big city, so some competitions are often held. The left picture it’s the first road bike I’ve ever bought.  I have raced a lot with this bike. 

The photo on the right is my first time participating in a bicycle race. It happened to be raining that time. Although I was 20th, I felt the joy of riding a bicycle.

On January 1st every year, Shanghai will hold the New Year’s Day Tour of Shanghai. The distance starts from 100km to 150km. This is a challenge for me, because I am fat compared to others. I am afraid that I will not be able to complete it, but in With the encouragement of my   friends and buddies I did it.

This is a photo of me and my friends during the game

Over time, as I started high school, I switched bikes and the new ones were lighter and stronger than the old ones, even though I was still fat. In high school, I still maintained the habit of cycling every week, but due to academic growth and the limitation of living on campus, I rarely participated in big competitions, but I would still accomplish my goals. 

2019 November 5 It can be counted as the last time I rode more than 10km in Shanghai. It took me almost an hour to cycle from my home to the school dormitory. Now I go to school in the US because the weather is relatively cold, and I have no plans to ride a bike yet. When the weather gets warmer, I want to see if there is a big difference between riding a bike in the US and in China.

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