My special family member

I wanna talk about two special family members for me, they all play significant role in my life span.  I remember I always asked my parents for buying a cute dog for me when I was still in kindergarten. Thus when I saw my dad brought a white little dog back home, I felt quite exciting and happy. We called her huanhuan, which means happy in Chinese. At the same time, my parents told me she will accompany us foe at least ten years. At first, I was just curious and fresh. After few months, we realized that this little cutie gave us not only accompany and happiness, but also letted us learn how to treat a new life as our family member. Gradually we had been used to her existence. When we came home, she always gave the greatest passion for us. Or if I stay at home alone, she always wanna play and will stay at the same room with me. But she must made mistakes sometimes, such as pee in bedrooms or steal food especially chocolate. At this time, my father always stood out and severely reprimand her.However, the strange thing is that she really love my dad, even surpass the love for other members in our family. I think it is because that my dad is the first person she saw in us, and it is my dad brought her home. There’s an amazing story between Huanhuan and my dad. Several years ago, my dad plays badminton with his friends for probably 2 hours and back home. And he felt chest distress and couldn’t breath. However, he just treated these symptoms as the result of intense exercise. But huanhuan started uncharacteristically bark when my dad lied on the sofa and breathed heavily. At that night my parents went to hospital and my dad was requested have an operation immediately because of his heart disease. Seems like Huanhuan is a person, understands our words, also feelings. During my high school time, my grandmother was tested had a cancer by doing a physical examination. My parents was quite busy both on their works and my grandma’s illness. A mood of melancholy descended on us, and also enveloped in our family environment. Huanhuan certainly felt this negative mood, stay near me quietly when I was crying. She was not as vivacious as before, cause I believe she understand it. The biggest regret for me about huanhuan is that when I went to US in 2019, she leaved us forever, I just got a picture from my mom. It happened unexpected and suddenly, I even asked my mom bring huanhuan to hospital for doing some physical examinations. After I went home during Christmas break, my mom told me her leave. I sit near her bed and cried for several hours. I utilized one year to accepted her death and calmed my mind. Huanhuan is the most special family for me, and I will never forget her in my whole life span.

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