Effects of Covid-19 to Me

Whenever people mention the epidemic covid-19, they have to mention the changes the epidemic has brought to our lives. I believe the impact of covid-19 on everyone is huge. Whether it is the way of teaching or gathering with friends and playing, there were different changes to control the epidemic. In China, the change is huge. We’ve changed the way we teach and the way we manage life within cities. As for the teaching method, all cities with cases will basically change to the online teaching mode, and this change will take several months. But sometimes when it is time to change to traditional offline classes, there will always be some new cases that make schools have to carry out the online teaching mode for a long time. Many Chinese citizens jokingly said, «My university made me meet a group of netizens.» Many schools in China have not had traditional offline courses since the beginning of the epidemic. Many netizens said that they really want to experience offline courses and college love. But in the end, it did not happen.

       For me, the epidemic has also had a great impact on me. Although covid started when I graduated from high school, it has drastically changed my life. For example, China has reduced flights to other countries, which made it difficult to buy air tickets in China. And I would have come to the United States a year earlier, but due to the epidemic, I took online classes at my home day and night upside down according to the American time. And also on a semester exchange program at the University of Nottingham Ningbo for a semester before coming to the United States. This reduced my four years of studying in the United States by one year since I had studied in China.

       Of course, covid-19 in China is a particularly severe test for many couples. Due to the anti-epidemic policies of each city, couples in different regions were unable to meet each other in person most of the time. The first is the government’s policy. When there is an epidemic in the city, you cannot freely enter and leave the city without a quarantine for 14 days. Of course, it would be trivial for any couple to not see each other for a short time, but in China, such a policy has been going on for three years. Just ask, how many couples can last three years without seeing each other for three years? I think I am a very real example. My ex-girlfriend and I met while we were playing games, and we got along very well when we chatted, and we finally made an appointment to meet. We have been together. However, due to the epidemic, it is almost difficult for us to meet each other, only once for a long time. Even after a year of dating, we only met 4 times. Ultimately, we broke up.

       Finally, after I came to the United States, the epidemic still affected me all the time. Although the United States does not manage the epidemic as strictly as China, it will still change some people in some aspects. For example, it is difficult for Chinese students to return home during summer vacation.  Due to China’s «zero tolerance» for the epidemic, we have to do various inspections and quarantine for almost a month after returning to China. And the cost of the return air ticket has discouraged many Chinese students who want to return to China. For those Chinese students studying abroad, China’s policy will also seriously affect whether they can return to China. While I respect this approach, it also gets us into trouble. Now the air tickets back home are sky-high, and a ticket may cost tens of thousands of yuan. Even the total cost of returning home can hit a staggering dollar bill. Not only do we need to go to the airport to get a nucleic acid certificate before returning to China, but we also need to be quarantined for almost a month when we return to China. During the isolation period, nucleic acid testing should be continued without interruption. And this all-cost money. I believe that most international students will miss their hometown, and this is the same for international students from all countries. We will miss our hometown food, relatives, and friends. But the cost of going back to my hometown is simply too great, and it makes me feel anxious from time to time.

In the end, I would like to say that the new crown epidemic is subtly affecting everyone all the time. Reduce your contact with people and go out less when the outbreak is severe. When they learn that they are positive on the nucleic acid test, they will stay away from their friends and relatives, and even they will stay away from us at that time. At that time, we will feel alone and lonely. Even so, I consider it a very special experience in my life. I miss the time when I could go wherever I wanted without wearing a mask, and I look forward to the end of the epidemic in the future. I hope everyone does the same, don’t give up.

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