The Beasts We Meet and Our Environment/Las bestias que conocemos y nuestro entorno

Everyone in the world is an animal trainer, and the beast is the prejudice in everyone’s heart. In my childhood, this beast was hidden inside me. At that time, my home was in a corner of the city. People lived peaceful, harmonious life. Neighborhood relations were very harmonious. Until one day, a single man moved into our community. He had a stalwart figure and a large tattoo on his back. Most frighteningly, he had a large scar on his face. «That doesn’t look like a good person. Don’t go near him.» Parents warned their children this way. People in the community would go around when they saw him. He was a maverick, however, going out every night and coming home only during the day. I remember a time when feral cats in the district always disappeared for no apparent reason and then were found dead in the woods of the neighborhood. The man with the scar on his face became the primary suspect. Someone reported having seen him feeding a feral cat in the middle of the night. Even Children, including me, have also thrown stones at him. However, not only was he not angry, but he ended up helping the police along to catch the suspect. People later learned that he was a veteran. He always feeds the feral cats in the community on his way to the night shift. And he regularly helps the elderly. When I learned the truth of the matter, I felt very ashamed.

I also have kitty right now and this matter has left hard impression in my mind.

I’ve learned from this matter that people can’t judge a book by its cover. “The world can be a nasty place. We don’t have to fall from grace. Put down the weapons you fight with. And kill ‘em with kindness.» The lyrics of Selena Gomez’s «Kill Em With Kindness» speak to my heart when I overheard it. The lyrics of the song tell people that the world can be complicated. In the community I live in, people get along well on the surface and everyone seems kind. However, the gentleman behind the good looks could be a cat abuser. People who don’t know what’s right or wrong tend to put their own opinions above others. Such hypocrisy and malice permeate our society. However, we should also see the good heart that hides behind the terrible appearance. We should not judge a person based on social prejudice, let alone speculate about them with malice. Our mouths can become weapons. Our malice can become bullets. These will only be dissolved with kindness. We should keep the concept of independent thinking and kindness to others.

Many scholars have also studied the relationship between physical appearance and personality. For example, Leslie A. Zebrowitz et al. have used archival data to study the relationship between appearance and personality in people from childhood to age 60. They concluded that there was no evidence that early appearance was stable for personality formation (Zebrowitz 740). In other words, the relationship between personality formation and appearance is not so strong. People can grow up feeling inferior or arrogant because of their looks. These personalities may also be altered in adulthood. It is arbitrary to use appearance to judge good and evil. Besides, Simine Vazire et al. argue that character is expressed through static appearances such as clothing style and expression channels (1661). That is to say, people should not judge people by their looks, but by their actions. It is disrespectful to judge people based on their appearance or stereotypes before we know them. We should observe a person’s actions, after all, how to do things is the best reflection of a person’s character. Psychological researchers conclude that physical appearance cannot be an absolute standard for evaluating a person’s character, let alone a source of bias.

My childhood experiences formed a great influence on me. I regret that I did not apologize to that veteran for my actions. However, after this, I never take the initiative to maliciously speculate with others. I never value the appearance of others, and more cherish kind friends. I was also inspired by Selena Gomez’s songs. The song calls on people not to attack others with words, and only kindness is the root of getting along with others. The lyrics have always motivated me. As my studies progressed, I found that many psychologists have also conducted studies on appearance and personality. The results of the research are consistent with the ideas I have consistently developed. That is, physical appearance is not the only criterion for judging a person’s goodness or badness. We should not judge people based on their appearance but rather focus on the behavior of others. In short, kindness is an indestructible weapon. People who do good deeds at all times and in all places can form a good and harmonious society. 

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