The Definition of “Definition”

 I live in a wonderful world. There are two masters in the world. One of them is nature. Nature provides situations for creatures to live and is basis for all things to develop. Another one is humanity. Humanity develops very fast because humans know how to use the resources on the earth to make products to make their life more convenient. For example, they use natural gas for electricity and heating, oil as fuel for their transportation, and more. Humans are the smartest creature living in the world and they use their wits to create a lot of new things but the stupidest thing they do is like to tie themselves and others to a lot of artificial definitions.

  Humanity developed different language and culture in each country. Everyone has their own name and identity. Take myself as an example. My name is Qianqi Wang. I am a college student. I have many identities. I am my parents’ daughter, I am a student, I am a woman, and I am my sister’s elder sister and so on. Each identity corresponds to different responsibilities. For example, students need to study hard to get more knowledge and get higher grade. And woman, scientific reports showed us that women are more tender and more sensual than man. There are many examples in our daily life to make us feel that after a man and a woman get married, the woman will focus on family and man will become the main economic pillar for them. All these are artificially added definitions.

  But, at the same time, humans are stupid. It is true that setting definitions on creatures and things on the earth is more convenient for humans to communicate. But these definitions sometime will trouble some people. Take my own real experience as an example. I am very loud when l laugh and I have high spirits. The way that I behaved is more in line with the definition that human set for man. Someone told me that I should speak and laugh in a soft voice because I am a girl. And someone asked me that why you are a girl but so active? Before I had been wondering if I was doing something wrong and felt like I needed to change. But I grew up realizing that I wasn’t doing it wrong, it was the people who tried to bind people by definitions that were doing it wrong.

  One of my favorite lines from the poem “Things Haunt”: When you ask me am I really a woman, a human being, / a coherent identity, I will say No, I am something else / like that though. (Joshua Jennifer Espinoza) This quote expresses that the author doesn’t want to be defined and bound. I think every single person should not be defined and bound by some words and definitions. For example, someone might say: as a student, you should…As a woman, you should… As a wife, you should… These can make us lose ourselves and when finding ourselves and taking ourselves seriously is the meaning of life. Everyone should live differently.

However, I said humans are smart. Humans are always changing.

According to the information released by the state, the employment rate of women in United States was only 46.5% in 2000, but the date in 2022 shows that the employment rate of women in the United Stated has reached 54.4% (ROY, K. A. T. I. C. A.). the increase in this number is staggering. And it is enough to show that many people escaped the definitions. On April 1, 2001, the Netherlands became the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage. On the same day, Amsterdam officiated the world’s first legally recognized same-sex wedding for four same-sex couples. As of 2019, 36 countries or regions around the world have legalized same-sex marriage (Wikimedia Foundation). This is also a symbol of humanity’s attempt to break free from the definitions.

  Humans are smart. They know how to make their life better and to pursue the lifestyle that they like. They are changing and breaking free from the shackles of definitions. The process of doing this must be very difficult but we will get the worthwhile result at the end. Just like me, I didn’t change my behavior because someone around me questioned me. I am still very active, I like to run, jump, and play badminton. I also laugh in a loud voice. I am keeping the lifestyle that I feel comfortable with. And I met many people who admire me. However, at the same time, I also encountered a lot of doubts which sometimes made me feel uncomfortable. But I am glad I didn’t change my wisdom because of their stupidity. I think there are two ways to answer the definition of “definition.” From a scientific point of view, the definition of “definition” is to tell or say what a person, place or thing is, to explain its attributes. But from individual’s point of view, the answer is the lifestyle that you like.


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