Table tennis and my youth

Yihe Li

Perhaps life is like a table tennis match, best of five sets. In every department, we need to win steadily, no matter how strong the opponent, no matter how bad their skills, we must first overwhelm the momentum of the opponent, because firm faith often guides the direction of success or failure.

About  Table tennis, simple and contains a lot of life philosophy.

Small table tennis, but invisible, reveals the character of each participant: whether they are calm or impetuous, simple or tricky. So table tennis seems to be in each arc of the line out of the philosophy of life. In this philosophy, I understand practicality, forging ahead, seizing opportunities, losing no time, being calm, and using calming principles.

In table tennis, there are: straight block method, arc pull ball, side push pull and so on. We do not ask for perfection in every action, but at least the action and steps need to be in place as far as possible, so we have a certain guarantee of the quality of the ball back in the past. Everything in the world is connected, and all the strategies in table tennis can also be applied to life. How to succeed, the key is the combination of psychology and wisdom and courage.

When we do anything,we do not be intimidated by difficulties. First of all, we must face the dilemma, find a reasonable method and strategy, and then soft is just, just is soft. 

This is like playing table tennis. When you meet a tough opponent, do not fight with strength, but instead combine the long and short balls, left and right angles. Apply soft and tough philosophy. When you meet a tough opponent, try to cater to their backspin, angle adjustment, and side cutting. Then find the opportunity, lose no time, quickly force, and surprise a straight line push and pull. This is the philosophy of ‘soft against tough’.

In my memory of practicing table tennis from primary school to junior high school, there are too many fragments of memories. Years later, in my heart, when I suddenly see the familiar table tennis table, I will still firmly recall a certain period of my youth. Even if the table tennis case is broken beyond breaking, everything seems to deepen and enrich my memory.

I thank each of my table tennis coaches.  I thank each of the friends who have accompanied me.  Because of you, my memory is more of a smooth arc.  This arc will cross the clear sky of every summer and then arrive at a moving and warm place where I will imagine the passion and burning of youth.

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