“Education determines the present and future of mankind. Human society needs to continuously cultivate the talents needed by society through education. It needs to teach the known, update the old knowledge, discover the new knowledge, and explore the unknown through education, so that people can better understand the world, transform the world, and better create a better future for mankind.” — Xi Jinping

Education runs through our lives. From family to school, from school to society, and from society to family, our roles and identities are constantly changing between educated persons and educators.

The education system of each country is very different–examination-oriented education represented by China, America’s well-structured educational framework.
We study hard if as long as we have a good score and a job that looks decent to others, in the end, society will embrace a successful you as it should be. However, will all this be in order?

There are too many challenges in life, it is up to you to choose and judge. There is too much happiness in life, and scores and salary cannot be controlled. What do you do to be successful? This requires you to define it yourself, and this is where education should provide a reference. But being myself, I don’t know when has become a difficult decision.

In my opinion, education is more important to help them become a person with a positive outlook on life, be a «human» first and then list about other things. The process of education is also a kind of shaping of human values a person with a healthy mental outlook, a person who is wise and capable of thinking, a person who can cooperate, and a person who is self-reliant and resilient.

I admit that education is a ladder to achieve class leapfrogging, but education does not only play this role in society. There’s a saying in China: “为天地立心, 为生民立命, 为往圣继绝学, 为万世开太平。”

To ordain conscience for Heaven and Earth. To secure life and fortune for the people. To continue lost teachings for past sages. To establish peace for all future generations.

This is the first sentence that comes to my mind when it comes to education, and it is also the best explanation of education in my heart.

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