Information and fast-paced era

VUCA —volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, ambiguity. Procter & Gamble COO Robert McDonald borrowed a military term to describe this new business world configuration. In this era, the outside world changes more in one day than our grandparents did in a lifetime.
How does this affect us?

Humans are living creatures. So once you can’t feel the joy from the present moment, and you are disconnected from the present moment, you will feel unhappy. Nowadays, life is getting faster and faster, entertainment is deadly, under the bombardment of the Internet, coupled with the explosion of social information, all kinds of «good life» information of your peers, make you more anxious, and people’s mentality is getting worse. The more impetuous it is, the harder it is to focus on the present moment.

Thus now people are increasingly losing an ability, that is, the ability to connect with the present. We always expect to skip the unsatisfactory present as a kind of drudgery that we have to go through to get a certain desired result. For example, at the moment, when we are about to run, many of us go for a run. We have no way to enjoy the process of running. Instead, we regard it as a painful ritual that we have to go through. We hope that through painful and persistent exercise, we can get eight-pack abs or better. yourself, and then have a certain charisma or physical fitness.

While the Internet and mobile phones bring us convenience, they also reduce our learning ability, thinking ability, and difficulty in concentrating. With more and more information, we lose the ability to distinguish the authenticity of the information, and the speed of information dissemination is getting faster and faster. Instead, we lose the ability to make accurate judgments, our rationality fades, and our thoughts are carried away by public opinion.
One of the hallmarks of modern life seems to be that we are moving at an ever-increasing pace, no matter the upheavals or obstacles.

It’s easy to be busy. We can all come up with a to-do list that can overwhelm our schedules. Some people may even think that their self-worth is determined by the length of their to-do list. The wise man resists the temptation to get caught up in the frantic rush of everyday life. They follow the advice that «life is more than speed». In short, they focus on the most important things

We are the same every day, no one can predict the next second, life is already difficult. Since there are things, we can’t do anything about, but our emotions can be managed by ourselves, So adapting to the times is inevitable, but still, spend time on the things that matter—friends, family, and loved ones. What we need may not be an afternoon of restless running around with files, but a good time spent sitting around the living room with our family, we can’t predict the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

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