Me And Piano

Yihe Li

Every morning in primary and middle school, when I finished my study plan, I would run into the piano room. Then the harp would play for a long time. The piano is a wonderful thing, and the sound of it makes me drunk. And I have an inextricable relationship with the piano.

The first time I saw and heard it, I was fascinated by its beautiful tone. I looked round and round, looking at its shape, the keys all over. When I was looking at the keys, I accidentally bumped into one. The sound of «whoo –» filled the room and lingered in my ears. So, that day, I began to learn the piano. My love for the piano is like the waves on the coast, rising and falling. My parents are both music lovers, and they developed my interest in the piano when I was very young. But when I entered primary school, my mother began to force me to practice playing the piano, and I gradually changed from the enthusiasm at the beginning to dull and even bored. After learning for a few years, I wanted to test, practicing repertoire was more boring, difficult, I began to get impatient, I began to hate the piano. But I will not say goodbye to the piano. Whenever I see or hear those skillful people waving their hands to make the piano sound extraordinary, my first reaction is intoxication. I can’t find any other words to describe how I felt when I heard the music. Whether it’s classical, country, or jazz, I listen to pure music. So, I’ve heard a lot of piano music. Although I play the piano, the technology is not very good, but I like to listen to quiet music, always bringing a little quiet to my mind.

I really began to taste piano music when I was in the third year of junior high school. The third day of our, blood surging, but also not lack of calm thinking, and I began to calm down, the impulse and rash in primary school also gradually disappeared. Every night before going to bed, I have to take out my walkman, listen to piano music, to comfort myself for a day’s struggle. At the end of the song, I was immersed in the piano for a long time, as if in no trace of a spiritual baptism. At that moment, it dawned on me that learning the piano was not only for the envy of others, but for the comfort of those injured and suffering hearts, so that they could feel the beauty of the world and see a different world with the wonderful music. Wake up to me, the heart seems to be stronger, an invisible power to encourage me to continue to move forward. Therefore, I practiced the piano on time every day, without the urging of my parents. Not only did I blindly practice some songs assigned by teachers, but also some songs full of warmth were often taught by me hard. Only I knew the shock and comfort those songs brought to me.

I have a deeper understanding of learning the piano. Although at the beginning, I just held the childish motive of making others envy, and when I wanted to give up in the middle, I just tried hard to avoid being blamed by my parents, but in the end, I made voluntary efforts to this end. It was the charm of the piano itself that made me understand the profound meaning and infinite rendering power of art.

Piano music, I was born to hear the first trace of beautiful melody, it has accompanied me through nineteen spring and autumn. The long music often echoes in my ears…

Maybe, I and the piano will be together forever. Just like the clouds and the sky, never abandon.

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