The Timing of China’s Liberalization Policy Was Not Wrong

China was right to make a «liberalization» policy after implementing a «zero» policy on Covid.

China chose to open up after paying a huge price for its epidemic control efforts. If China is opened too early, then the consequences would be unimaginable in terms of the huge population base and the high lethality of the virus in its early stages. So after the government chose to suddenly liberalize the policy last year, some people were worried about the consequences of liberalization.

But some people oppose the government’s policy. In The New York Times, a Chinese writer complained about being quarantined by the “zero” policy after getting Covid. When the government liberalized it, he blamed the government for opening up too soon because her grandmother had Covid. He felt that the time given by the government was too short and did not give them enough time to prepare to fight Covid. He was disappointed with China after his neighbor lost a family member and the Chinese government did not mention the outbreak again.

I think the Chinese author’s article is too one-sided.

First, during the epidemic control, he hid in his house afraid to come out for fear that the policy would make him quarantine, and when the clearance policy was lifted, he was the first to come out against it. He felt that the Chinese government did not give people enough time to prepare and he felt that hospitals were full of sick people.

Statistically, the writer thinks a lot of people died in China, but you don’t look at the global data. As I write this blog, I’ve discovered over a million deaths in the US due to Covid on US websites, but some people may be skeptical of the death figures sent from China. But from my own experience, I have not been around anyone who has died from Covid, even among relatives and friends. At the beginning of the Covid outbreak, all countries had high mortality rates due to the lack of vaccine availability, but China implemented an outbreak control policy for a certain period of time to allow enough time for the vaccine to become available. According to another New York Times writer, the national vaccination rate is close to 90 percent. And even though less than 70 percent of people over the age of 80 are now vaccinated, the government is encouraging seniors to get vaccinated and achieve lower rates of death.

Almost everyone around me got the new coronavirus. And, probably due to the popularity of the vaccine, actually none of them had very serious symptoms and most of them got better after a few days on ibuprofen.

With the government’s policy of liberalizing the outbreak, people are becoming more confident about their future, they don’t need to think about not being able to go to work because of the «quarantine» policy, they won’t be controlled to travel around anymore, and most importantly people won’t be afraid of the word Covid anymore.

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