Una Oda a Kylie/ An Oda to Kylie

English: When I see you you make me smile every time. Like a sunflower blooming Your favorite person in the whole world It's like you make me happy when we are together I get really bored when we're not together That's why I'm writing this to you because your my favorite I really hope this … Sigue leyendo Una Oda a Kylie/ An Oda to Kylie

Quiero agradecer a Señora Nocton por hacerme sonreír todos los días./I want to thank Señora Nocton for making me smile everyday. Agradezco a Kylie por dando ella alegría cuando yo ven a clase./ I am grateful to Kylie for giving me her joy when I come to class. Doy gracias por ser una feliz persona y siempre hacer a otras personas sonreír./I give thanks for being a happy person and always making people smile.

El octubre es/ October is

October is a month where leaves are falling, they are transforming colors, and the temperature is very cool. My brother and I were walking in the woods and we found this mushroom house in a tree/ Octubre es un mes en el que las hojas caen, transforman los colores y la temperatura es muy fresca. … Sigue leyendo El octubre es/ October is