Pink Flowers/Flores rosadas

Original Recreation/recreación I chose to recreate this image because when I first saw it, I knew that I have pink flowers just like the image in my backyard. I decided to at least try to photograph them and it worked well after getting the exposure and focus right. Quería recrear la foto porque sabía que … Sigue leyendo Pink Flowers/Flores rosadas

If I Leave in a Hurry / Si Tengo Salir Muy Rápido

If I had to leave in a hurry, there are some things that I would want to have with me, just in case. Si tengo que salir mi casa muy rápidamente, hay muchas cosas que quiero traer conmigo. In addition to my phone, I would bring my watch so that I know what time it … Sigue leyendo If I Leave in a Hurry / Si Tengo Salir Muy Rápido

I am thankful/Estoy agradecido

I want to thank my parents for giving me everything I need to be successful. Quiero agradecerle a mis padres por darme cosas que necesito para ser exitoso. I want to give thanks to my friend, Ben, for helping me bake cookies. Quiero darle gracias a mi amigo, Ben, por ayudarme hornear galletas. I thank … Sigue leyendo I am thankful/Estoy agradecido

I am from/Soy de

I am from a small farm in Connecticut. Soy de una pequeña granja en Connecticut. I am from the family tradition where I ate turkey, corn bread, and cranberries for Thanksgiving. Soy de la tradición de comer pavo, maiz pan, y arandano para Thanksgiving. I am from spending hours in the kitchen preparing food like … Sigue leyendo I am from/Soy de