Una Cortina de Flores de Primavera//A Curtain of Spring Flowers

    Mi tipo favorito de día de primavera es cuando es cálido y soleado y puedo ir a caminar y jugar con mi perro afuera. My favorite kind of spring day is when it is warm and sunny and I can go for a walk and play with my dog outside.

Ode to Lemonade/ Oda a la Limonada

Ode to Lemonade Oh lemonade! You quench our thirst and refresh us on the hottest of summer days And in cold times, too You bring us perfect happiness with just one sip Your sweet and sour flavors meld for the perfect taste As children you made us rich With your enticing taste, who could resist … Sigue leyendo Ode to Lemonade/ Oda a la Limonada

My Favorite Piece of Artwork/ Mi Obra de Arte Favorita

This was my favorite piece of artwork because it is very detailed and realistic. The dog seems to be sad as if it is sorry or guilty for something that it did wrong or it is begging for attention or food. "The dog is the perfect portrait subject. He doesn't pose. He isn't aware of … Sigue leyendo My Favorite Piece of Artwork/ Mi Obra de Arte Favorita

Carta Sobre la Literatura

Estimada Laura Ingalls Wilder, No recuerdo por completo cómo mi familia se encontró sus historias, pero sí sé que tuvieron un gran impacto en mi infancia. Desde el momento en que estaba en primer grado, mis padres y yo leíamos los libros antes de acostarnos y no nos tomaba mucho tiempo pasar por todos ellos. … Sigue leyendo Carta Sobre la Literatura

Letter About Literature

Dear Laura Ingalls Wilder, I don’t entirely remember how my family came across your stories, but I do know that they had a large impact on my childhood. From about the time I was in first grade, my parents and I would read the books before bed and it didn’t take us very long to … Sigue leyendo Letter About Literature

Las Cosas Que Yo Llevaría Conmigo

  Mi Perro:  Yo llevaría mi perro porque él es mi favorita mascota y lo quiero. No podía salir sin él. My Dog: I would bring my dog because he is my favorite pet and I love him. I couldn't leave without him. Mi Gato: Yo llevaría mi gato porque lo quiero y no podía dejarlo atrás. … Sigue leyendo Las Cosas Que Yo Llevaría Conmigo