Ode to Spotify

Ode to Spotify I close the car door behind me. Seatbelt, keys in the ignition, aux cord plugged into my phone. My finger glides over the screen.  I know exactly where I'm headed. Navigating, All the possibilities I land on  Spotify. The gates are opened to a world  filled with endless stories, adventures, memories, the … Sigue leyendo Ode to Spotify


El feminicidio está a nuestro alrededor. En todos los países hay conjuntos dolorosos de datos que muestran muertes por feminicidios de mujeres o el porcentaje de las que han pasado por un intento de feminicidio. ¿Cómo luchamos? Como mujeres hemos estado luchando por los derechos desde entonces, para siempre. Se han logrado muchos avances hasta … Sigue leyendo Feminicidio

Death of a Salesman Letter

Dear Arthur Miller, I have just read your play, Death of a Salesman for my English class and to be honest I thought I would not find any connection to it, but to my surprise some themes did resonate with me. One being you have to be well liked to succeed, another being if you … Sigue leyendo Death of a Salesman Letter