The Desperate Man/Goodbye This is Gustave Courbet's "The Desperate Man," featuring my DnD character. This was a drawing I started before this assignment simply because I found it was both a lovely piece of art and an artistic challenge. It was an interesting piece to work on, and I had to put a lot of work into … Sigue leyendo The Desperate Man/Goodbye


Deseo al mundo paz para que las naciones se ayuden unos a otros. I wish for peace so nations can help each other. Me gustaría regalarle al mundo mucha comida para que la gente no tenga hambre. I would like to give food so people don't go hungry. Quiero ofrecer agua al mundo para que … Sigue leyendo Illuminado

«I Am From» Poem

Soy de paletas de hielo que me enfriaba la boca. (I am from popsicles that freeze my mouth.) Soy de las medallas de guerra que mis abuelos recibieron. (I am from the war medals that my grandfathers received.) Soy de viaje a NH con mi amigos de mi familia. (I am from a vacation in … Sigue leyendo «I Am From» Poem